We are Digital Mystery Shoppers

Traditional sales channels show obvious signs of poor customer experience such as long queues and complaints. By comparison, slow response times or transaction failures in the online space are equivalent to being stuck in a long queue – except you are unable to see who waits ahead of or behind you.

Our services at a glance:


If you require cross browser and external load testing, you need the Browseability service. The Load Test function of the Browseability service allows you to simulate up to 500 concurrent conections while the Multi Browser functions allows you to see the way your pages will perform across a variety of current web browsers.


Transactability is our premier service for monitoring online customer experience. With the Transactability service in place you can rest assured that your critical business processes are monitored and should there be an event that you are the first to find out.


For those looking for coverage of lower value business processes and therefore do not require the indepth data and analysis that Transactability provides, Availability is the service for you. You will be alerted the moment there is a problem on the site freeing you to get on with the real work at hand.

Professional Services

If you need to supplement your existing team, we can help. With our Professional Services offering we can provide resource on short term engagements to help understand trends and identify bottlenecks in your sites performance.

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