A compelling business case for PagePulse


Your digital mystery shopper

PagePulse is an automated digital mystery shopper that provides real-time status updates on website and online transaction availability.

Simulating your online experience

Typical website customer activity is digitally simulated and reports showing individual page response times are generated This is particularly valuable in objectively evaluating customer experience, a critical factor in light of research that shows a correlation between slow website response times and decreased sales.

PagePulse never sleeps

With round the clock, 365 days a year process simulation and monitoring, PagePulse provides true online customer experience insight and management. SMS and email alerts are sent immediately in the event of a problem, enabling you to take remedial action to rapidly fix the issue and get the site up and running again. By minimising customer disruption and maximising transactability, the risk of lost sales is significantly reduced.

So much more than ‘inside-out’ monitoring

PagePulse goes beyond typical ‘inside-out’ monitoring. It views your site from the ‘outside-in’ through the eyes of a virtual customer, providing factual end-to-end monitoring of the entire customer online experience. It immediately alerts you to problems that ‘inside-out’ monitoring systems are likely to miss, such as issues with payment gateways, sign-up processes and other critical marketing ‘touch points’.

Simple to implement

PagePulse operates non-intrusively outside the firewall, so is easily implemented without requiring any website changes.  There is also no need to commit internal resource or incur development costs.

The end of the argument

Where disagreement regarding website performance occurs, full event monitoring provides a common reference point for discussion. User generated reports provide indisputable facts about site process performance or failure of any aspect.

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